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Run Split is a coaching resource to help improve your run! Regardless of whether you race duathlons, triathlons, or just run road races, I can provide information to improve your performance. There's more to running than just putting one-leg-in-front-of-the-other; you can improve your run and reduce risk of injury by tuning your form and adding variety of workouts to your training.

Improving your run speed takes consistent training over the long-term and patience. To achieve peak fitness you must stay injury-free so your body can adapt to the aerobic training load and muscular movement over time; to run well as a triathlete after swimming and cycling requires extra depth of run fitness.

I'm Steve Pyle, athlete and coach. After competing first as an elite level cyclist, now duathlete and triathlete, I've gained knowledge from more than 30 years' participation in endurance sports. I started running late and was never an elite level runner, but have done well without the advantage of starting young and growing into the sport. Making the most of your potential is what it's all about. And with experience working through many run injuries, I can help you avoid or resolve them.

Each athlete comes to the sport with a unique level of experience and energy, so I always take that into account when planning workouts and giving advice. Coaching is not effective unless it addresses your unique needs. If you have questions or seek coaching advice feel free to email me!

Take a look through the articles of interest on this website. If it's your swim you need to tune-up look for info here. If your cycling needs work look here. To read more articles on the full range of multipsort topics go to this website.
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